SpinNet™ SD

A bridge-free micro-sprinkler, for upside-down irrigation, with unique design for superior water distribution uniformity for tunnels as a single line irrigation.


  • High and uniform yield: Superior water distribution uniformity for bay coverage irrigation bay irrigation. Achieved thanks to the unique design of the SpinNet micro-sprinkler and the SD device (Shoulder Distribution). SpinNet™ SD is available in a variety of rotors and nozzles that provide different flow rates, and different water profiles to perfectly fit the plant and structure needs. The Shoulder Distribution provides a high level of uniformity within a closely spaced “strip of sprinklers
  • Keep your crop from drips damage: 
    – Drip-less micro-sprinkler – SpinNet™ SD is designed as a bridge-free micro-sprinkler, preventing dripping on the plants located below in an upside-down irrigation to avoid plant damages.
    – Controlled start & stop operation – With the Reliable anti-drain (AD) valves, all the SpinNet micro-sprinklers, start and stop simultaneously, and prevent distribution pipe drainage and dripping
  • Fast maintenance:  Made of a highest quality material makes it durable and resistant.
  • Easy cleaning: Chemical-resistant materials (AA) let you flush system using acid treatments.


  • 6 Models: 090/050, 120/070, 160/070, 160/090, 200/090, 200/120 L/H. The nominal flow is the lower number in model’s name. Nominal flow achieved in @2.0bar
  • Pressure range: 2.0 to 3.0 bar (at the sprinkler head).
  • 3 different rotors for variety of wetted diameters: