Spin Klin™ Nova

Product Details





Filtration degree

20-400 micron

Flow rate

50-330 m³/h (220-1,452 gpm)


Spin Klin™ Nova: the world’s most advanced, high-performance disc filtration system, combining superior design, maximum flexibility and scalability. The modular, polymeric self-cleaning Spin Klin™ NOVA has a patented breakthrough design for minimal flow interference and provides up to 80% lower head loss and the highest level of efficiency. Spin Klin™ Nova is redefining filtration.

This unique filter allows combining several units to accommodate higher flow rate demands, while maintaining a compact footprint. Spin Klin™ NOVA offers unparalleled high-performance with outstanding filtration results.


Product Benefits

Exceptional Performance

Up to 80% lower head loss and 40% higher flow rate, with improved dirt holding capacity for filtration cycles that are 2 X longer

Modularity at its Best

Interchangeable spines can triple the filtration area and flexible inlet/outlet ports adapt to various installation configurations

Compact Footprint

Vertical orientation for a footprint that is up to 50% smaller than other disc filters

All-polymeric Construction

Maximum working pressure of up to 10 bar and exceptional weight-to-performance ratio

Smart Filtration

Equipped with the ADI-X, Amiad’s latest and most advanced smart controller for real-time access to filtration data and full performance control, whenever, wherever

Patented Technology

Breakthrough “line-of-sight” design minimizes flow interference and offers the highest level of efficiency