• Wireless – Optimized seamless network enables exceptional system architecture with enhanced throughput in virtually any environment.
  • Scalability – With four expansion slots, Radionet provides almost unlimited control and monitoring configurations to simply expand modules and strengthen performance.
  • Built-in survey mode – Ensures optimal long term operation with instant recording and charting of frequency interruptions across the entire network from the initial unit installation.
  • Extended coverage – Each remote unit can operate as a “Store & forward” (S&F) data repeater to increase geographical coverage up to 3 miles (5 km) between every two units and up to 14 hops. This function also supports redundant data transfer and dead spot elimination to achieve an even higher level of data reliability.
  • Compatibility– Versatile and easy connectivity to a wide rage of controllers currently on the market, makes Radionet a modular, cost-efficient tool for future growth.
  • Energy efficiency – Designed for low power consumption, Radionet operates in sleep mode most of the time, reporting and controlling when needed to ensure extended battery life. Each unit can be powered by rechargeable batteries and solar cell.
  • Secure communication protocol– With multiple layers of encryption and time-based data authentication Radionet provides increased data security operation.
  • Reliability in extreme conditions- Radionet remote units temperature range is -13°F to 185°F (-25°C to 85°C) which ensures reliable operation under the most sever environmental conditions.
  • Frequency: From 402 to 474 Mhz, band with 12.5 KHz
  • Power: 1-400mWatt
  • Hardware capacity: Up to 254 RTU’s per network with 2286 outputs and 2540 inputs
  • Supply Power 6VDC, output 12 -16 VDC latch