PVC 210 Gutter System

Mapals’ PVC 210 Gutter is a more cost effective alternative
(by about 50%) to the metal gutters.

It is durable, strong, multifunctional, adjustable and much
lighter than metal (which is very important in old green
house structures).

To install a metal gutter system in most places around the
world, the grower must have the company’s’ machinery in
his greenhouse, not so with Mapals’ PVC gutter which are
pre-molded and cut to different sizes, according to the
customers’ requirements.

Mapals’ PVC gutter can be used with Mapals’ PP
containers or/and any grow bag (perlite, coco peat, rock
wool, Peat) or any other kind of substrate.

Mapal also offers a full system which includes the PVC
gutters, growing troughs, drainage systems, hanging units
metal stands or adjustable metal stands.

The multi-functionality of Mapals’ system allows the
growers more flexibility in the decision making process
regarding their crops and how to grow them.

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