The strawberry growing Industry has undergone many changes and many new systems have been introduced in the market but ,
the Mapal PVC 110 Gutter system, an innovative product of Mapal‘s Agricultural Division, has proven to be a high quality, successful and economically worth while system.

The PVC 110 Gutter system, which has been in use for many years in
countries around the world, allows to successfully grow a higher number
of plants per square meter (up to 20 plants per square meter) enabling
the grower to maximize the use of the greenhouse space thus getting a
higher return on their investment.

Mapals’ PVC 110 Gutter is durable, strong and offered in different
lengths, to best cater to the growers demands.

The system is versatile enough to allow for either a standing or a
hanging set up in the greenhouse.

Mapals’ PVC gutter is mainly used with the Mapal polypropylene
containers although it can be used with any grow bag (perlite, coco
peat, rock wool, Peat) or any other kind of substrate.

Mapals’ PVC gutter system allows for the most efficient recycling of the
irrigation water, reduce evaporation and weed growth and because it
can be suspended or elevated, it reduces any rotting or spoiling of the
fruit due to contact with the soil.

Picking fruit with Mapals’ PVC gutter system is easier and faster because
of the height the gutters are set at and the easy access to the fruit,
which naturally droops while the leaves tend to rise towards the light.

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