Leach Line X™


  • Surface or subsurface installations
  • Heap leach applications
  • Gentle slopes
  • Reclamation projects


  • Superior TurboNet™ flow regime
  • Wide filtration area
  • Wide flow path cross-section
  • Internal diameter: 10.5, 14.2, and 17.5 mm
  • Nominal flow rates (at 1.0 bar pressure): 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 4.0, and 8.0 l/h
  • Maximum operating pressure: 4.0 bar
  • Recommended filtration: 130 micron / 120 mesh
  • Non-pressure compensating

Features and Benefits:


  • Improves dripper performance by widening the tooth pattern and maximizing flow path velocity, allowing contaminants to pass easily through the dripper and virtually eliminating plugging


  • The relative position of the filter inlet to the dripper draws cleaner water or solution from the center of the flow path, thus reducing the risk of clogging.
  • A large filtration area provides optimal performance, even with suspended solid solutions.
  • A full length filter maintains the essential supply of water to the dripper, delivering a consistent flow output.

Flow Path Cross-Section:

  • A wide and deep flow path cross-section minimizes clogging and ensures the flow rate for all working conditions.


  • Constructed of durable polyethylene tubing
  • Seamless, one-piece construction prevents damage to the dripper’s flow path during installation and retrieval
  • The internal emitter is protected against mechanical damage
  • UV and acid resistant
  • Uniformity:
  • Injected molded drippers ensure high uniformity and very low CV.

Most widely used in the industry.

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