Amiad fertilizer injector pump

Flow rate up to 320 liter/h (84 gal/h)

Operating pressure 0.5 – 8 bar (120 psi)

Amiad’s fertilizer injector pump range includes various fertilizer pumps to support the fertigation needs in field and vegetable crops, orchards, horticulture and greenhouses and even in gardening, golf courses and landscaping.

By using the Amiad fertilizer injector pump, fertilizers can be applied together with the irrigation water, so wherever the water goes, the fertilizer goes with it. Fertilizer is applied only where needed, when needed, and in the proper dose and quantity.

Benefits of Amiad’s Injector Pumps

Amiad hydraulic injector pumps for fertilization bring accuracy and efficiency to agriculture fertigation and do not need external power to operate as the linear hydraulic motor is powered by the hydraulic pressure of the irrigation system.

Amiad fertilizer injector pumps give you precise results for better crops. They also reduce the costs of expensive chemicals, labor and machinery, and prevent uncontrolled chemical pollution.

They are reliable, simple to operate / maintain and offer excellent mechanical strength and high corrosion resistance and chemical durability.

Amiad fertilizer injector pumps are your key to higher yields and healthier crops.



Fertilizer injector pumps are the fastest and most accurate, efficient way to make sure that your crops and plants get the nutrients they need. The nutrients are delivered when needed, right to the roots.

Fertilizer pumps are widely used in the following sectors:



How does a fertilizer injector work?

The fertilizer injector delivers liquid fertilizer and other water-soluble products to crops and plants by injecting them into the downstream irrigation line through the injection line.


How do you inject fertilizer into irrigation?

Hydraulic fertilizer injectors, such as Amiad’s, are powered by the hydraulic pressure of the irrigation system. The fertilizer injector uses this pressure as the energy source for injecting fertilizer into the pressurized irrigation lines.


What is a fertilizer pump?

A fertilizer pump / fertilizer injector is a type of device that is used in various sectors to add fertilizers and other water-soluble products into an irrigation system. They are a very easy and efficient way to make sure that your crops and plants get the nutrients needed to thrive.

Injector Pump <br> Product Details

Product Benefits

Cost effective

Eliminates waste of expensive chemicals, labor and machinery

Reliable and durable

Designed for long-term and simple operation

Accurate and efficient

Precise results for better crops


High corrosion and chemical resistance

Minimal maintenance

Saves time and labor costs

Sturdy construction

Excellent mechanical strength and durability

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