About Us

Klavaris Ch.Ltd is a family owned company in Cyprus. We are market leaders in the fields of precision irrigation. We accomplished this by representing in the country only the best the world has to offer in irrigation. Companies with a global presence and market leaders, innovative, quality first and sustainable. Some of these companies are Netafim, Plasson, Amiad – Arkal, Plasgad, Mapal, Odis, Tefen, Care Free, Pelemix and more. Through these companies we offer the best solution to any problem in agriculture.

Our unique approach to agriculture is all about helping farmers achieve higher yields, and better-quality crops, while using less water, fertilizers, and energy.

The world population increased from 2 Billion people in 1927 to 8 Billion in 2022 and it’s projected to increase to 10 Billion by 2050. The world will need to produce 60 – 70% more food in order to feed all these people.
In an age where water resources have been shrinking, the world has lost 1/3 of its arable land and the number of extreme weather events increased by x5 we are helping the world Grow More with Less.

Our Products

Drip Products

Springler Products

Complementary Products


Care Free Water

It’s not a water softener, it’s an inline water conditioner and it’s probably the best natural water treatment in the world.


Coir - Cocopeat

Cocopeat is an organic material and its production is part of the many uses of the coco nut. When using Cocopeat for hydroponic growing the environment is not harmed.


Netafim™ Greenhouse, one of the world’s leading greenhouse solution providers, has accrued vast global experience in providing highly specialized, state-of-the-art greenhouse systems, commercial greenhouses and greenhouse equipment.


Gas Pipes

PE (polyethylene) pipes suitable and specific standard for distributing natural gas.