Filters & Valves

We offer filters, valves and regulators found at the core of manual and fully automated irrigation systems.

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Manual Disc Filters
Product Features Depth of filtration for increased filtration efficiency ‎ Pressure..
Automatic Disc Filters
Product Features Precise filtration Automatic filtration for low flow rate..
Automatic Screen Filters
Product Features Automatic self-cleaning electric filters incorporating innovative..
Gravel Filters
Product Features: Gravel filters are used for the primary filtration of water from reservoirs..
Used to separate sand from well water. Product Features High efficiency sand separati..
Control Valves
An automatic control valve comprises the following components: Basic valve One or m..
AquaNetPlus® Valves
Product Features Agriculture: tunnel, greenhouse and open field/orchard control va..
Pressure Regulators
Product Features   2000 Series Sealed regulating units, field replaceable ..
Air Valves
Air in an irrigation system must be controlled, since the presence of air bubbles and air pockets..